Repair Process

Estimate: We begin with a thorough visual estimate of the damage to your vehicle. We then enter this data into our computerized estimating system.

Insurance Approval: After completing the estimate, your insurance company will review the estimate and we then negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly.

Disassembly of the Damaged Areas: Our technicians will carefully disassemble the damaged areas of your automobile. Very often this disassembly will reveal hidden damage that will require a supplemental estimate to be completed and submitted to your insurance company for approval.

Order Parts: Our team will ensure we have all the right parts for your vehicle as quickly as possible. Once we receive all of the critical structural parts, and they have been verified to be correct and undamaged, we can begin the actual repair process.

Structure Repair: If your vehicle has any frame damage we will complete a computerized measurement of the frame of your vehicle. The frame will then be returned to factory specifications.

Body Repairs: After the structural repair is complete, your vehicle moves into the auto body repair phase. This part of the process includes the repair or replacement of the exterior panels.

Paint: Once all the work to the body and frame is completed, we will prepare your vehicle for refinishing. Our computer color mixing system allows us to precisely match the original paint color. The new paint is then applied and cured to produce a finish comparable to the original.

Reassembly: We’re almost done! After the paint has fully cured, we reassemble your vehicle, installing all the lamps, moldings, and any trim that was removed during the disassembly phase of the repairs.

Cleaning of Your Vehicle: Our highly skilled detail department will clean your vehicle.

Quality Control or Q/C: We complete a comprehensive inspection of every vehicle at the completion of the repair process. We are so confident in our quality, we provide a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle!

Delivery: We will call you to schedule an estimated time to pick up your vehicle that’s convenient for you.


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